Desert Springs (Golf Course)

“At Desert Springs, we have set out quite deliberately to create an ambience of serenity, which offers a very special quality of life and service, unique in Europe. Ownership of a Country Villa at Desert Springs enables you to enjoy the very best of this privileged style of life to the very fullest extent.”

The beauty of Desert Springs, that which sets it apart from other places in Europe, lies in the nature of the surroundings in which it is set.

Whilst overseas homeowners enjoy many types of environment, surely the most spectacular of these is the rugged desert landscape of Desert Springs and the dry sunny year-round climate of the Almanzora, by far the most pleasurable.

Set high on a plateau with panoramic views over the Almanzora valley towards the Mediterranean and surrounding mountains, there is something quite rare and special about the light and ambience of the perfectly maintained desert parkland, the largest rock and cactus garden in Europe… it has an all but surreal sense of beauty and peace.

Property ownership at Desert Springs provides many privileges at the resort, as well as access to the special category of Resort Membership of the Golf Club, itself providing the right to nominate other family members. The Almanzora Bay Group includes the Golf Club’s joining fees for Non-Resident Resort Membership in the price of its new properties.