Valle del Este (Golf Course)

on wide streets, large and receptive greens and 5720 meters from the back tees competition really does not looks, however, the strategic positioning of tees and obstacles in the ball drop causes regardless of the level that has the player, each hole is a genuine challenge.

The landscape, the Almeria desert with occasional views of the Mediterranean and the rolling terrain make it a visual spectacle.

Small circular tees located in Output and the desert you have to fly on every hole, make each of these a challenge.

The streets remind some holes in the top Arizona golf but with the singularity of the local vegetation. There are also strategically placed lakes to bring the player to their limits.

The greens, fast and clear for its size, boast a variety of pin positions far in any of them up to 4 sticks.

The 3 pairs 5 of this par 71 are affordable to get two good shots for players of a good standard, but remember that mistakes in this area can be Expensive. For beginners and intermediate players should have no problem reaching the green in 3 or 4 shots.

The four par 3s are quite different, the 2 is one small climb along with a wide green that need the best long iron or fairway wood to reach the green. The 6 and 14 should not be a big problem with a medium-short iron hands.

The subject of Valle del Este is the 12th hole distance is not really a problem, 152 yards from the back tees and 138 from men but the river crossing it that is. The views, the two small rear bunkers, all simply one of the best par 3 in Spain.

No par 4 of 440 meters in this field but not miss them. The positions of the tees are everything, the less aggressive from the tee normally pays off.

Hole 3, for example, a great par 4 of 345 yards forces you to think from the tee. A street surrounded by water, with several landing areas and a spectacular green protected by a waterfall running down its right flank, which must to be cleared.

The perfect climate where you can play all year with light clothing and the state of the field for the fantastic care make Valle del Este is an unforgettable experience.

I despite his youth, opened in July 2002, but because of his reputation, already has plenty of important events in the national scene.