This coastal municipality in Almería province has long attracted tourists. Strolling round the streets of the town, it is the seafront promenade which attracts the traveller’s attention. Known as “El Malecón”, it is a beautiful viewing balcony over the magnificent Garrucha beach, where one finds the Jesús de Nazareno Castle. This is a military fortification built in the 18th century for defence from the continuous attacks by pirates, on which stand out its two towers and arms square. Thanks to the monument, Garrucha makes up part of the Andalucian Castles Route.

Other interesting buildings are: the Town Hall, which stands on an old salt deposit built during the times of Arab domination; the San Joaquín Parish Church, its most important religious monument dating back to the 19th century; the fish market; the 20th century, neo-Mudejar Marina de la Torre House; and the San Jacinto Foundry Tower, which crowns a hill from where there are panoramic views of Garrucha and its surroundings.

Also worth visiting are the three ports: the marina, increasingly attracting lovers of sailing; the commercial port, dedicated in other times to the transport of minerals and today to gypsum from Sorbas; and the fishing port, the second most important in Almería province, and where the tasty fish auctioned at the Garrucha fish market at dusk on every working day is brought in.

Travellers are not surprised that fish is one of the most important ingredients in Garrucha’s typical gastronomy. Among the wide variety of species with which they work in its kitchens the famous red prawn stands out, as well as mackerel, baby clams, John Dory, sea bream, grouper, among others. Using these, exquisite fish and seafood-based stews are rice dishes are made. Also delicious are dishes like “gurullos” with snails or noodle casserole.