Cuevas del Almanzora

This Almerian municipality, which owes its name to the numerous caves found in the area and to the river which irrigates its lands, offers the traveller a broad and diverse range of leisure and fun options. Its history, its cultural and artistic heritage, and its natural environment, in which it does not lack beaches and appropriate enclaves for practicing different sports, make Cuevas del Almanzora a suitable destination for all kinds of tourists.

Fans of rural tourism will enjoy the cave houses complex in the area called Calguerín, one kilometre from Cuevas del Almanzora’s main town. Among the more than 200 caves excavated from the rock here, there are some which have been completely renovated and set up as rural accommodation, and one is a museum.

For sports lovers Cuevas del Almanzora, there is scuba diving, especially from beaches like Cala Cristal or the Embarcadero Viejo. There is also golf on the first desert-style golf course in Europe, motorcycling in the European Supercross Championship, staged at the beginning of August, rowing and canoeing on the artificial lake on which were held competitions in these disciplines in the 2005 Almería Mediterranean Games, or hiking in inland areas or on the coast.

Devotees of sun and sand tourism will find open beaches in Cuevas del Almanzora, such as those in Palomares, Villaricos, Calón or Pozo del Esparto, and coves between the cliffs, like the Panizo, the Invencibles or the Dolores.